Srishti Dances of India is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based Odissi/Indian classical dance company which has been active since 1995. The Artistic Director of Srishti is well known Odissi dancer Sreyashi Dey. Srishti's mission is to disseminate India's cultural heritage through performances of Indian classical dance, music and theatre. The company plays an educational role in the community and regularly presents lecture demonstrations, multi-media presentations and workshops. Srishti offers instruction in Indian classical dance in the Odissi style.

Srishti is committed to increasing the region's multi-cultural offerings and has reached out to a diverse and large cross section of audiences in its endeavors. Focusing on the Odissi style of Indian classical dance from eastern India, Srishti's productions are marked by strong roots in the classical traditions. At the same time the company develops new and innovative choreography with breadth of vision, both within and across cultures. The infusion of contemporary thought into the practice of ancient art forms has been a hallmark of its presentations. One of Srishti's goals is also to preserve and present the wide variety and richness of the different styles of Indian classical dance. Toward this objective, the company invites well-known performers of different styles to present their artistry with the Srishti dancers, locally and in several US cities on tour every year.

Initially founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the organization grew to a prominent place in the arts landscape of the city over a decade, establishing annual performing seasons, receiving many media accolades and wide support from arts funding agencies and audiences. Srishti reached out to several artists in Pittsburgh through meaningful collaborations that were presented as performances in its seasons. Collaborations have included work with modern dance companies, African dancers, theater companies, storytellers, musicians, visual artists, film-makers and photographers. Srishti's national touring program has been extremely successful. Every year the company has traveled to 10-15 cities across the US, in addition to other parts of the world and India.

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