"Dasavatar from Jayadeva's Gita Govinda was beautifully choreographed and performed by Ishika and Kritika Rajan. Naba Durga was very imaginatively choreographed and performed by Sreyashi, Ishika, Kritika and Debnita. A pure dance piece, Konark Kanti, was beautifully rendered. Through complex rhythmic patterns and energetic dancing, dancers demonstrated several poses from these temples. Ardhanariswara was chosen as the grand finale, rendered imaginatively by Sreyashi Dey and Manoranjan Pradhan."

— Tapati Choudhurie, The Statesman, Kolkata, October 2009

"The most remarkable feature of the program was the various types of choreographies done by the eminent gurus of this dance style. Pallavi, a pure dance number where rhythm and footwork were of vital importance, was based on Raga Rageshree and performed by Sreyashi. The artist blossomed through intricate movements and picturesque postures. The second half of the evening began with Naba Durga through graceful movements. Their basic positions, nimble footwork and neat hand gestures proved an adequate understanding of the dance form."

— Sharmila Basu Thakur, The Telegraph, Kolkata, August 2009

"The four-armed and six-armed Durga sequences were well-rehearsed and perfect in their formations even through vigorous movements. Sreyashi's abhinaya was well-executed. The young dancers, trained by their mother and Guru Manoranjan Pradhan, Orissa Dance Academy, reminded the writer of young Aruna Mohanty and Nandita Behera. The dancers were accomplished and well-trained. They rendered the ukuttas with precision. Their poses in the "kesavadhrita ... sharira" refrain sequences were carefully orchestrated. There is immense potential as they both develop. The dancers deserved their standing ovation."

— Dr. Ratna Roy, Scholar and Professor of Odissi, Ragavani Magazine, October 2007

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