Odissi Mandala
Bringing together three traditional styles of Odissi dance, following the lineage of three well known gurus of Odissi - Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Guru Debaprasad Das and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, this performance presented two generations of Odissi dancers. US based teachers Sreyashi Dey, Leena Mohanty and Sandhyadipa Kar and their students performed a traditional Odissi repertoire.

Creatively combining Odissi and Manipuri styles once again, Angika explored unique aspects of the two performance traditions from eastern India. Performed by Sreyashi Dey, Manoranjan Pradhan, Sohini Ray and Sanjib Bhattacharya, Angika featured rare ritualistic performances of Mahari style Odissi and Mai-bi from Manipuri, along with other virtuosic pieces, this performance toured 8 US cities.

Yugma was a production combining the lyrical grace and sculptural motifs of Odissi with the visual geometry and kinetic excitement of Bharata Natyam to create a unique performance of striking beauty. Presented with well-known Pittsburgh artists Sreyashi Dey and Vijay Palaparty in conjunction with reputed artists from India - Manoranjan Pradhan and Nalini Prakash, this production featured specially composed music, authentic costumes and innovative stagecraft. This performance traveled to 10 US cities.

Lavanya: Graceful Expressions of the East
Lavanya was an exciting new production that interwove two of India's seven primary classical dance styles Odissi and Manipuri to present a unique performance of unparalleled beauty and grace, as well as dazzling virtuosity.

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